Building an MMA Gym on a Budget

Building an MMA gym on a budget requires patience and a willingness to invest in the necessary equipment to protect you, your training partners and your students.

If you are looking to get your gym off the ground, you will want to invest in the most essential equipment. This will include MMA Mats, a few bags and racks, as well as enough wall pads to cover your wall space. You will also need to take a few other costs into consideration.

Start Small, Then Build From There

If you are starting an MMA gym on a budget, it’s best to start small.

One of the largest costs associated with running an MMA gym will likely be your rent. Many new gym owners are tempted to go out and rent the largest space available, but this tends to leave people with little money to invest in quality equipment.

It’s logical to think that having a larger gym means running larger classes, which will bring in more money. But, larger classes take more time, and you also have to purchase a lot more equipment to accommodate the number of students in each class.

If you run smaller classes more frequently, you should see a steady flow of revenue coming in, without the added upfront costs. Once you have a steady revenue flow, you can then invest in a larger space with more equipment.

Getting More Out of a Smaller Space

When you start with a smaller space, you want to utilize every square foot in the most efficient manner.

Buying puzzle mats is a cost-friendly way to outfit an MMA gym on a budget, but if you are looking for mats that can easily be moved aside when you don’t need them, consider investing in roll out mats. These types of mats can easily be removed and stored when you are not using them. This will allow you to open up the gym for other uses when you are not grappling or practicing takedowns.

Another way to maximize your budget is through financing. At Zebra, our top of the line products provides the quality that gyms need for their trainers. Plus, not only are they able to be financed but when it comes time to upgrade the size of your space, you can easily add additional mats to your existing mats and we’ll make sure they’re a seamless fit.

Don’t Waste Money on Cheap Equipment

You may save a bit of money upfront by purchasing cheaper equipment, but you will also be replacing this equipment very quickly. Cheap mats and bags are cheaply made, plain and simple, so do yourself a favor and invest in equipment that will last.

Your gym is not likely to get very far with worn-down mats, bags with tears in them and wall pads that constantly fall down.

Customize Your New Gym

At Zebra, we build relationships with our customers that go well beyond just selling MMA equipment. If you need help building a new gym, we want to hear about it. From the largest training facilities all the way down to the smallest dojo, we have experience building gyms for inspired leaders. Contact us today to get started on your gym.