Building a New Facility? Here Are the Top Questions People Ask

Ready to build your first martial arts facility? Or are you opening a second MMA facility in town? Whether this is your first facility or your third, you likely have a few questions about the layout and the products you will need. At Zebra, we have outfitted countless facilities across the world; we have essentially seen it all. We are not simple providers of industry-leading mats and other products, we are also guides who can help you build your dream facility.

Here are a few of the top questions we are asked by our many customers.

Which Mats Are Right For My Facility?

There are five basic mat varieties available:

  1. 2” Zebra Mats: ideal for heavy grappling use and training involving heavy slams and throws.
  2. 5” Zebra Mats: ideal for grappling arts like jiu jitsu, judo, aikido, etc.
  3. 1” Zebra Mats: ideal for stand-up martial arts
  4. 1 5/8” Puzzle Mats: a lower cost, less durable mat for MMA and grappling arts
  5. 1” Puzzle Mats: a lower cost, less durable mat for stand-up martial arts

Some of the things you should consider when choosing mats are:

  • The type of martial arts you practice
  • How many students you have per day
  • Your budget limitations

How Many Mats Will I Need for My Facility?

This depends on how large your facility is and the training space you are working with. If you send us the dimensions of the training space within your facility, we will be able to tell you how many mats you should purchase as well as a custom quote.

You can request a quote here.

Is Financing Available?

Yes, we do offer financing and lease programs for large purchases. You can apply online for financing here.

What About Mat Installation, Cutting Mats, Cleaning & Maintenance, etc.

Our mats can be cut, installed and maintained by nearly anyone, and the process for each is very simple! We have guides available that outline in detail how you can install and maintain your mats in our Resource Library.

Can I Place My Logo on My Mats, Wall Pads, etc.?

Yes, we offer custom printing services. Simply let one of our salespeople know when you request a quote for your products.

Do You Sell Used Mats?

Yes! Our mats are used in tournaments and events all over the world. Just before each event, we begin sending out emails advertising what and how many of each mat we will have available. You will also find gently used products at our Outlet Store.

Is there A Warranty on Your Mats?

We offer a 10-year warranty on our mats (excluding puzzle mats).


Ready to build your facility? Contact Zebra today for a free quote.