Don’t Let Your Small Business Have a Small Voice

One of the challenges of owning or operating a small business is not allowing your message to become lost in the noise surrounding your potential customers. As we approach the holiday season this will be even more difficult. Here are some ideas that may help you get your message and ideas through to your clients and potential clients in order to keep your pipeline full.

Be Clear On What You Are Selling

From the smallest traditional martial arts school to the largest fitness chains on the globe, you have to be crystal clear on what your value is to potential customers. Finding a place to do yoga or learn Jiu Jitsu is not difficult. What’s important is why should they walk into your business and give you their money? Is it programming or instructors, unique experiences, or it could be the best value in the surrounding area. Is it the quality of your training equipment and martial arts mats?

Whatever it is, you HAVE to be clear on why someone should choose you and your business over any other.

Know What Your Competition Is Doing

You should know what your competitors are doing before you lose a customer to them. Having potential clients inform you of what your competition is doing is NOT an acceptable method. Watch their social media. Where do they advertise? What is their message? Have you gone there for a tour or free class? Knowing what the market around you is doing will help you determine how you can reach the limited pool of customers in a more effective manner.

Know What Your Customers Want

One of the best ways to reach your target audience is to give your target audience what it’s looking for. Does this mean in January you have a limited New Year’s Resolution program to keep them in your place instead of the new CrossFit Box down the road? Maybe. Do you need to add an adult beginner’s only class to make your striking program less intimidating? Maybe. Don’t be afraid to use social media, emails or in person conversation to explore what your members and potential members really want.

All of these things will keep customers engaged with you rather than looking down the street wondering what could be.