Fighting Germs at Your Martial Arts Facility

Martial arts facility owners have a lot on their minds. From running their business, to training their students, managing their finances, and everything else that comes with the title, there’s no shortage of things to do. Even if you feel like there’s a lot going on, always remember one thing:

Keep your facility clean!

Martial arts facilities, gyms, and yoga studios contain a lot of germs, dead skin cells, sweat, and many microorganisms that can carry bacteria and viruses. This presents a significant health risk to you and your students, and it also presents a challenge for your business.

Simply put: no one wants to train at the notoriously “smelly and dirty” facility in town. To avoid being that facility, follow these cleaning tips.

Make a Schedule (And Stick to It!)

Cleaning is all about following a strict schedule that is based on how many classes you run per day. More classes = more cleaning sessions. At the very least, your martial arts mats should be mopped after every training session. A deeper cleaning of your mats using a gym scrubber or other device should be done at the end of the day.

For more specific instructions on cleaning your mats, read Zebra’s cleaning guide.

Go Beyond the Mats

Cleaning time is not a time for shortcuts or quick “once overs.” Everything from your wall pads to your pole pads and all other equipment needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. If your facility is oddly shaped and has a lot of corners, nooks, etc., be sure to get in there and clean them out at least once a day.

Encourage Good Habits With Your Students

It’s understandable that people may not care to shower before practice, but it’s a common courtesy that should be followed by your students, nonetheless. You have every right to ask students to come to a session clean, and you have every right to ask sick students to stay at home. This will help prevent the spread of germs and keep your other students happier. No one wants to roll or otherwise train with someone who hasn’t showered in a few days or is constantly coughing into their hands.

Cleaning is Only the First Step!

When people sweat into mats for long periods of time, they leave behind mineral deposits that can build up on top of mats and cause them to become discolored. After using disinfectant on your mats, take another minute to clean them again using mineral deposit cleaner. This solution actively works to break up the minerals left behind by sweat and will help extend the life of your mats and equipment.


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