Infographic: Opening a Second Gym vs. Expanding Your Current Facility

We understand that opening a gym is a deeply personal experience. It’s not a 9-5 job, but a lifestyle that grows and changes with you.

And that change is the basis for the information provided within this infographic.

MMA and MA is about growth. When we outgrow our current lessons, we must seek out the lessons of someone more experienced than ourselves. The same is true for gym owners and their facilities. When the confines of a facility have become a burden, gym owners are left with a few choices:

1) Move

2) Open up a second facility

3) Expand on their current facility

If moving is not an option for you, then you are left with choosing between opening a second location or expanding on your current facility. In the following infographic, we will lay out the pros and cons of each, backed by some statistics that we have gathered about the MMA /MA industry.

Feel free to download the infographic here. Enjoy!

zebra infographic

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At Zebra Athletics, our mission is simple: to provide MMA and MA facilities with the necessary materials and support they need to succeed. We go well beyond outfitting gyms with branded flooring, mats, puzzle mats, pads, bags and everything in between. We also build relationships with our customers to support them and help them find success.

No matter which path you choose, know that the Zebra team is here to help. We started this business because we were inspired by the owners and trainers that we had met. We want to help people build a facility that reflects the lessons they have learned, and those they want to share with others.

If it is your mission to teach, then it is our mission is to help you achieve it.

Keep training, continue teaching and never stop growing.

– The Zebra Team