Investing In Fitness Equipment For Your Martial Arts Facility

Gym owners have repeatedly heard the benefits of adding fitness programs and fitness space to their martial arts facilities. For those that have decided to move forward and have dedicated a portion of their mat space to fitness, deciding on what fitness equipment to purchase is the next step. What are the fitness equipment must-haves for martial arts facilities just starting out in offering fitness?


Kettlebells are one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment. Choose several pairs of kettlebells at various weights to accommodate students of all sizes and abilities. Kettlebells can be used for HIIT cardio workouts as well as targeted strength workouts. As a bonus, they take up little room and are easy to store.

Medicine Balls

When considering adding fitness equipment, versatility is key. Similar to kettlebells, medicine balls allow for a variety of workouts from a smaller piece of equipment. Medicine balls can be used for group-focused workouts (passing the medicine ball down a line of members doing a wall sit is a favorite) or individually for members or fighters desiring to add extra training in.

Bar and Bumper Plates

A key focus of any fitness gym is weightlifting, and with a few bars and bumper plates of different weights, you can add it to your gym. While most martial arts facilities don’t have room for a squat rack, members can still get in a solid lift session. Make sure that these are used on rubber flooring or mats so they don’t damage flooring.

Plyo Boxes

Plyo boxes are great for a more dynamic workout. Choose boxes of different heights to accommodate members’ sizes and abilities. Boxes often stack inside each other for easy storage.