Misconceptions about MMA Training

MMA is quite possibly one of the most popular sports tied to controversy. Many people think that MMA is too dangerous due to a lack of rules and regulations, or that MMA is just a bunch of fighters rolling around on a grappling mat and is just too boring. Most people have one opinion or another.

What many don’t realize is that these controversies are largely based on misconceptions about the sport. So, what’s true and what’s false? Here’s a few of the biggest misconceptions about MMA training.

UFC and MMA are the Same Thing

Due to its widespread popularity, many people think that UFC and MMA are the same thing. While it’s true that UFC fighters practice the art of MMA, UFC is just one promotion of the sport. Bellator and RFA, among others, are also MMA promotions. Each focuses on their own niche and are popular among different audiences.

Ground Combat is Boring

First-time spectators often misunderstand ground combat styles and find it to be boring. What they’re not seeing is that these moves are very scientific. In ground combat the fighters are competing for the dominant position, which requires a lot of strength, skill and conditioning. These maneuvers are actually extremely taxing and can lead to the exhaustion of both of the fighters.

There are No Rules

One big assumption people have about MMA is that there’s no rules or guidelines for the fighters. In actuality, UFC and other promotions have very strict guidelines that fighters need to adhere to. Specifically, the UFC’s rules can result in points being taken away whenever a rule is violated. For this reason, the fighters need to be cautious that they’re not breaking rules that could put their win in jeopardy.

MMA is Too Dangerous

Most people that don’t follow MMA as a sport often think it’s too dangerous, that it can lead to serious injury and even death. However, this perception is untrue. Since 2001, there have been more deaths linked to boxing than there have been to MMA. This could be due to boxing primarily targeting the head and resulting in serious concussions, whereas MMA has an emphasis on grappling, and blows to the body and legs.

Appreciating the Sport

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