Prepping Floors for Martial Arts Mats Installation

The installation of martial arts mats begins with prepping the floor that the mats will be installed on top of. As with most remodeling projects, preparation is the key to a great finished product. If you do not take some time to prep the your flooring, you won’t get the best results with the martial arts mats you purchase.

Here’s what you need to know about prepping floors for martial arts mats installation.

The Type of Flooring Matters

Zebra mats can be installed on top of most types of flooring — concrete, wood, tile, etc.— so long as the flooring is prepped properly beforehand. If, for some reason, you have mats on your floor that are attached or glued down in some way, you will need to remove them.

It is not at all recommended to install new martial arts mats on top of existing ones.

Carpeting is an in-between case. We highly recommend removing carpeting, under-padding and the tack strips that surround the perimeter of the room before installing your mats. This is because carpet can shift and the fibers can move, and most MMA and martial arts mats tend to shift along with it. If, for some reason, removing the carpet is not an option, it’s best to cover it with a sheet of plastic before installing your mats. This will help keep them in place while training and will also act as a barrier to protect the mats from moisture that may become trapped in the carpet fibers.

Prepping Your Floors for Mat Installation

Before installing your mats, make sure that your floors are properly cleared of debris and thoroughly cleaned. This will help keep your mats in place and extend their life by keeping their underside clean.

After you have removed all carpeting or any other type of subflooring, make sure that you vacuum up as much debris as possible. It will be helpful to buy or rent a powerful “shop vac” that is strong enough to clear away most of the debris.

After the debris is clear, you may also want to mop the floor to clear up any leftover residue. The more clean the floors are, the better your mats will adhere to the floor and stay put during rigorous training.

Install Those Mats!

After you are done prepping the floors, it’s time to lay down those mats. If you need additional help, read through our martial arts mat installation guide or get in touch with our support team. We are more than happy to give you some guidance over the phone or via email.