zebra pole pads in gymzebra pole pads in gym

Zebra Pole Pads

Put Safety First with Pole Pads


SKU: ZPP-616

Zebra Pole Pads

Put Safety First with Pole Pads


SKU: ZPP-616


Zebra Pole Pads are an excellent way to cover up dangerously placed poles, I-beams, or columns, providing additional safety for your students and facility.

Standard pole pads have a 406 mm diameter, are 1828 mm tall, and will accommodate poles up to 203 mm in diameter, or 203 mm square columns.

Every Zebra Pole Pad is constructed of durable polyurethane foam wrapped in durable vinyl.

Please Note: To keep shipping costs down, the pole pad foam is cut into 2 sections. Each pole pad comes with 2 foam pieces and vinyl wrap that fastens around the foam via a hook-and-loop fastening system. If you wish for your pole pad to be delivered as a single piece of foam, please discuss it with your sales consultant. Additional shipping charges will apply.

Custom pole pads are available! Zebra will custom-cut your foam Pole Pad to fit. Simply divide the circumference of your pole by 3.14 (pi) to determine the diameter. Call us or email aus@ZebraAthletics.com for pricing, lead-time and customization information or to place your order.

Features & Specs

Production variance no greater than 5 MM or 3/16 in to be expected.

Custom pole pads available upon request.

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