How to Properly Clean your Training Equipment

If you’ve been around a training facility, chances are you know how hard the athletes can be on the equipment they’re using. Most equipment is built to stand up to this amount of punishment, but only if properly cared for.

Since we know how much pride the gym owners we work with have in their facilities, we know there’s nothing worse than seeing those spaces turn to disarray after just a few months of training. Luckily, there are a few things owners and facility operators can do to make sure their equipment not only lasts as long as possible, but looks great throughout its entire life, as well.

This starts with properly cleaning the training equipment like bags, racks and puzzle mats in your gym.

Cleaning Between Uses

A quick wipe down of equipment with a disinfectant between each training session doesn’t just prevent the spreading of germs; it also helps keep the equipment in tip-top shape. This is because sweat, dirt and bacteria can harm the composition of equipment materials, ultimately leading to equipment wearing out long before it’s supposed to.

Daily Full Gym Cleanings

Instructors and staff should make habit of disinfecting the entire gym. This should include wiping down all equipment, rings, the cage, mats and even the bathrooms. If time permits, twice daily would be ideal for this, however many gyms do this at the end of each day. This leaves the gym smelling nice and also further protects athletes from the bacteria that can form on the equipment.

Regular Deep Cleaning

In addition to wiping down the equipment regularly and completing full daily cleanings, we suggest regular deep cleanings of your mats with a professional scrubber. This means you’ll be able to vacuum, scrub, mop and disinfect your entire gym in one motion. Additionally, you will be able to get out dirt and grime that regular cleanings won’t be able to reach.

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