Quick Tips for Hanging and Mounting Bags in Your Martial Arts Facility

Where to hang and mount bags in a martial arts or MMA facility is one of the more complicated aspects of facility design. Spatial limitations are usually a problem, as most facility owners do not own as large of a facility as some of the major organizations, but even larger facilities come to Zebra with the same question:

Where exactly should I place my bags?

The answer is never the same; every facility layout is different, after all, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few general rules that can applied in most cases.

The Type of Facility Matters

Do you own an MMA facility and have to account for a cage, weight training area and grappling area, all on top of a dedicated space for bag training? Do you own fitness facility that specializes in cardio kickboxing? The type of facility you own will determine the types of bags (muay thai bags, heavy bags, uppercut bags, etc.) you need, how many you need, and where they are placed within the facility.

Cardio kickboxing facilities need to squeeze in as many bags as possible so that more students can attend each class, but they also do not have to contend with space for other types of training. If you run an MMA or martial arts facility, take a measurement of the minimum and maximum amounts of space you can dedicate for a bag setup before purchasing your bags.

Against the Wall or On the Floor?

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to set up bags within a facility. This flexibility gives facility owners a lot of options and design possibilities for their training space. Bags can either be mounted to walls using a mounted L bag rack, which helps keep your setup limited to one wall of a specific corner of the facility, or placed somewhere in an open space in a facility.

If you need your wall space for other activities but have some open floor space to spare, you can opt for single hangman bag racks or a multi-station bag rack system. These systems allow you to place your bags anywhere within your facility. Just keep in mind that they are not easily moved once assembled and set up.

Make them Mobile for Even Greater Flexibility

For the greatest amount of flexibility, facility owners should invest in TriBar systems or Trolley Rack Systems. These allow you to hang multiple bags and easily slide them out of the way, opening up your space for other types of training. If you have a limited amount of space but still need to dedicate some of it for bag workouts, these systems are perfect for your facility.


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