Sponsorship Applications

Thank you for your interest in Zebra Athletics. Please fill out the form below for personal, facility, organizational or event sponsorship requests. We review requests on an ongoing basis and award sponsorships based on several factors, including how a sponsored athlete or organization can help grow the Zebra brand in the martial arts and combat sports communities. Zebra will reply with either a decision on your application or a request for more information.


  • Social media accounts and activity should align with Zebra’s status as the premier martial arts and combat sports facility outfitter in the world.
  • Sponsored product should be posted, worn and/or displayed with a mention or tag of Zebra Athletics on social media posts.
  • Provide photos and/or videos regularly on Zebra Athletics’ social media accounts.
  • Incorporate Zebra branding into fight kits and/or warmup gear, as applicable.
  • Incorporate Zebra branding into any printed or digital promotional materials, as applicable.


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