Think Like a Woman: Getting Female Students Involved in MMA

As more and more women become fans of Mixed Martial Arts events and television programs, they naturally begin to explore taking on the sport themselves. Women are showing increased interest in the fitness training aspects of Mixed Martial Arts and in classes like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, kickboxing and more. It’s is a growing segment of the population that gym owners are not entirely prepared to market their classes to.

What are you doing to attract this mass population to your gym and turn them from spectators to participants?

Know What Women Want From a Class

The key is how to draw new business to your facility by offering options that are tailored for women, ultimately resulting in a boost in female membership.

General trends point to the fact that women are not interested in fighting, and a “fight” gym is too intimidating. Rose Gracie, granddaughter of Helio Gracie, once said that gym owners that want to cater to women need to “think more like women.” The best way to do that is to cater to the 85% who want to stay fit using MMA methods, not the 15% who want hardcore MMA fight training.

Only a small percentage of women interested in MMA-style training ever want to step into the cage and compete. The vast majority are looking for a fun, challenging and exciting workout that is effective and tests their abilities.

Getting Them Involved

Having introductory seminars at least one day a week with just women gives them a chance to focus on their training in a more relaxed atmosphere. Offering classes like cardio kickboxing, self-defense or beginner MMA classes that are geared towards women is a good way to get them to try out your gym.

Avoid throwing them in the same class as men (at least not right away), where they can feel intimidated. The trick is to get new students in the door to see what the workouts are really like and how much fun they are, allowing them to become more comfortable and feel more like a “regular member.”

Offering the Right Classes

Another popular concept is to provide kids classes in combination with women’s classes. This keeps the children busy while the moms get their workout in as well.

Gym owners should also consider hosting an “Open House for Women,” giving potential female members a chance to see your facility and meet your staff in a no-pressure setting. Gyms can even host a “Women’s Expo,” where current and potential members can mingle, meet with instructors, and participate in short, basic Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, fitness and self-defense sessions. This will allow potential students to get a feel for what it will be like.

Finally, consider bringing in a nutritionist for a short sessions that coincide with the training. This will emphasize the fitness and healthy living aspects of your training.

Bring in New Business

Get your staff fired up about offering female-focused classes and growing your business by catering to this large segment of the fitness population! More and more women are looking for new, challenging ways to train and workout. The opportunity is there for you to provide this service and grow your business!