Which Mats are the “Tactical Choice” for CQB Training

Oftentimes, we are asked: “What are the best mats for Defensive Tactics and CQB?” While the selection may be vast (and somewhat confusing), we can narrow down your choices to a few, perfect options:

1. Zebra Grappling Mats

2. Zebra MMA Mats

The Major Difference Between the Two

Both styles of mats offer you two thickness options: 1.5” and 2”. The main difference between the two styles of mats is their surface. Grappling Mats have a TATAMI Texture, which enhances traction and stability underfoot, while MMA Mats have a SMOOTH Texture. While the smooth texture offers less traction, it does have a softer feel, making it more forgiving on the body.

The Materials Used in Tactical Training Mats Matter

These Zebra Mat options use a blended, open-cell foam to create the desired density. Open Cell Foam is vastly superior to Closed-Cell foam and as a result, offers greater risk mitigation (i.e. greater shock absorption).

For entry level training (Recruits, Skills, etc.), we would recommend the Training Series or PRO MMA Mats. For more experienced personnel, (SWAT/Special Ops) a Grappling Mat or ELITE Grappling Mat will be better suited because they offer enhanced responsiveness during more advanced scenarios.

It is worth investigating the materials and production process involved in the development of your mat. Zebra uses an exclusive process, unmatched by any other company on the market. By mating the vinyl to the foam core using a Powder-Based, Heat-Activated adhesive, the bond between vinyl and foam is stronger than any other mat on the market. Period. No other manufacturer uses this process, and as such, no other manufacturer can support a 20-year life expectancy on their mats.

Why is this important?

Tactical Training requires a flooring system that can withstand the rigors not commonly present in other disciplines (i.e. Twisting, Falling, Grappling, Detainee Ops – all in full gear, using boots and shoes). Zebra has proven year after year to withstand these abuses.

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