3 Reasons to Offer Ninja Training For Adults

The Ninja obstacle course trend has added another possibility for fitness as well as additions to martial arts schools looking to stand out from the crowd. School owners often purchase ninja course obstacles to add fun conditioning for their kids programs, as well as give them an interesting way to work on agility, balance, and coordination. But what about the adults at the school? The good news is that Ninja obstacles can also work for your adult students for the same three reasons:

#1: Learning New Skills

Adults need to work on agility, balance, and coordination just as much as (and sometimes more than) kids. Often, adults have been out of skilled sports for some time, or never participated in a sport. Navigating physical skills as an adult, in an adult body, often feels much different than doing the same skills as a child. Whether it’s taekwondo or jiu jitsu, Ninja products can help adults adapt and learn new skills. River logs can help with balance, while other obstacles such as Slant StepsBase Pillars, and Trapezoids can be set up to improve agility and coordination.  

#2: Better Conditioning

Adults often join martial arts schools in order to get in shape in a fun, social way. That also means that they often require work to improve their conditioning. Obstacle course objects can be used for HIIT routines at the end of class. The Cardio Box is also perfect for the adult who needs to improve their conditioning but might not tolerate hard surfaces. Running in place, jumping, and other drills can be done on the Cardio Box. The surface simulates the feel of running on sand, adding an extra level of energy required for using it.   

#3: Tons of Fun

You know it, and we know it. Adults love fun, too! Even at the end of adult class, instructors occasionally add in games like dodge ball and freeze tag in order to improve conditioning in a fun way. Ninja obstacle course objects are perfect for bringing out the kid in adults and taking them back to their childhood while engaging them in a unique way. The adults may be slightly more intimidated than the kids when it comes to trying out a Ninja obstacle course, but they’ll have just as much fun. 


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