What Are the Best Marital Arts Mats for Judo Facilities?

For judo facilities owners who want the best for their students, finding the right mats for their facility is everything. As a martial art that focuses so heavily on throws and takedowns, judo requires more protection than that offered by standard rubber mats. The best mats for judo facilities will have sufficient padding, all while providing a slightly firm surface to help practitioners maneuver easily while sparring.

What Makes a Good Judo Mat?

Judo mats require three key qualities:

1. The proper thickness
2. Adequate firmness
3. The right texture

The right thickness for judo mats will be at least 1.5”. This provides adequate support when practitioners hit the floor. Zebra’s 1.5” Grappling mats have become a favorite for facilities that focus on martial arts disciplines that involve heavy groundwork and/or throws and takedowns. 1” mats can provide some support, but they do not possess the adequate shock absorption that is needed for judo. Another option for thickness is 2”. Zebra’s Elite Grappling mats provide heavy protection that allows for hard and consistent training.

Because of their open cell foam technology, both of these types of Zebra mats also provide the adequate amount of firmness that makes for a stable surface. What’s the significance of this? It allows for practitioners to maneuver better while sparring, without being so firm that it lacks heavy shock absorption capabilities. The tatami texture of these mats also provides a textured surface and has a natural grip, making maneuverability easier.

If you prefer to have a smooth surface on your mats, Zebra’s 2” Pro Series MMA mats are ideal for your facility.

Which Mats are Right for Your Judo Facility?

If you are looking to outfit or remodel your judo facility, Zebra’s experts can help you design and decide on the best products for your style and type of training. Get in touch with Zebra to start planning today.