zebra showcase series cage in gymzebra showcase series cage in gym

Zebra Showcase Series MMA Cages


Zebra Showcase Series MMA Cages



The “No Bolts” Required, Elevated & Event Legal MMA Cage with a Catwalk

Zebra Showcase Series MMA Cages are manufactured with the highest-grade steel and padded with top quality foam products – making them the strongest, most durable, and safest cages available on the market today.

Utilizing a ‘No Bolt’ frame system, this cage assembles and can be taken down quickly and easily. It includes ultra-stable steel support posts expertly welded to 12ft foot plates (minimizing movement and eliminating cage floor bounce) which are paired with extra strong steel tubing and vinyl-coated chain link fencing designed to minimize bending while still allowing a little give, ensuring the cage stays tight.

The cage is legal MMA event size, and DOES have a catwalk. For this cage without a catwalk check out the Zebra Pro Series Cage.

Features & Specs

Production variance no greater than 5 MM or 3/16 in to be expected.

Who's Using This

Dan Henderson Fitness

Miller Brothers MMA


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