Rubber Gym Floor Maintenance: Cleaning Tips and More

Whether you run an MMA or martial arts academy, it’s great for your students and your business to have a section of your facility devoted solely to weight lifting and fitness training. If you do, you’ll likely have some type of rubber surface as fitness flooring, and whether you choose rubber puzzle tiles or rolled rubber flooring, it will need to be cleaned and maintained just as much as your martial arts mats.

Follow these tips to keep your rubber fitness flooring in good shape.

Rubber Flooring Cleaning Tips

Cleaning rubber flooring is rather straightforward. So long as you aren’t using very harsh chemicals and compounds, you won’t cause any damage to the flooring. You can use a cleaning solution made of mild soapy water to clean mats thoroughly every day. If you use rubber tiles, it’s best to have an underlayment installed to prevent water from seeping through the seams and affecting the subfloor.

The types of cleaners you want to avoid include:

  • Acetone-based cleaners
  • Acidic cleaners (bleach, vinegar, etc.)
  • Petroleum chemicals (those that contain oils and greases, solvents or abrasives)
  • Cleaners containing wax or wax agents

It’s also best to vacuum your rubber flooring before mopping.

Stains and Build Up

If anything spills on your rubber flooring surface, it’s best to clean it immediately. This will prevent the spilled solution from staining or deteriorating the rubber surface. If there is any buildup of materials or gunk on the floor, it should be disrupted with a broom before vacuuming up. Avoid using sharp objects to scrape gunk off the flooring because it can damage the tiles.

Tools You Will Need to Clean

You can use a buffer or automatic cleaner so long as it does not have an abrasive pad and does not operate at a high speed. This will help you restore your floor so that it looks new with each cleaning.


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