Zebra Now Offers Ninja Training Products! But Why?

Have you heard the news? Zebra now offers ninja training products! Everything from river logs and rocks to slant stepsvertical walls and all manner of obstacle shapes are available at the Zebra storeWhile this is a big step forward for our company, it begs a simple question: why?

The Growth of Ninja Training in the US

Ever since American Ninja Warrior (a spin-off of the Japanese TV show, Ninja Warrior, which debuted in 1997) first aired in 2009, there has been a steady rise in interest about the training practice in the United States. Although it took a few years to gain steam, and some believed it to be a fad, more and more facilities began to pick up the practice around 2014-2015, and some Ninja-dedicated facilities even began popping up all over the country. Ninja training is now a fast-growing sector of the fitness industry. 

And it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. 

Zebra Jumps Into the Fray

While the Zebra name is known primarily throughout the MMA and Martial Arts industries, we have made strides over the years to offer high quality products to other industries. We outfit yoga facilities across the nation with yoga flooring and tiles; we provide fitness facilities with rubber flooring and other equipment; we sell all manner of fitness accessories for both home and commercial gyms. At Zebra, we believe that every athlete, no matter which martial arts discipline or fitness program they train/teach, deserves to have a fully outfitted facility in which to hone their skills.  

Today, we are focused on bringing Zebra quality to ninja training facilities all over the world. 

The Benefits of Ninja Training in Every Facility

Whether you own and/or manage a martial arts/MMA facility or a fitness gym, offering ninja training can help you attract new students, grow your business, and reach out to new segments of the population. Ninja training is rapidly growing, and facilities have a lot to gain by catering to those who wish to add Ninja to their class and training offerings.

How to Outfit Your Facility with Ninja Products

Which products do you need for your facility? How should they be set up? Where should they go? You don’t have to be a Ninja facility expert – that’s Zebra’s job. Our team has been studying this sector of the fitness industry and knows precisely what you need for your facility. Check out our ninja products store on our website and contact our team today to start outfitting your facility.